‘Topeka Zoo to Showcase Animal Superpowers® Made with Lego® Bricks in Five-Month Exhibit Starting in April’

The Topeka Zoo is excited to present Animal Superpowers, a unique exhibit featuring awe-inspiring sculptures made from LEGO® bricks by artist Sean Kenney. This traveling exhibition showcases creatures that have evolved to possess their very own “superpowers,” and offers visitors the opportunity to learn the science behind these incredible adaptations.

Starting on April 20, guests at the zoo can explore the exhibit and marvel at the artist’s work displayed throughout the zoo. There is no extra cost to enjoy Animal Superpowers with a general admission ticket, and Topeka Zoo Members can enjoy the exhibit for free with their membership card.

“We are proud to sponsor this fantastic event for the community,” said Norm Johnson, Manager of Customer Operations at Giant Communications. “Partnering with the Topeka Zoo has been a great experience, and we are thrilled to collaborate on such a fun and educational exhibit.”

Animal Superpowers delves into the evolutionary, biological, and environmental reasons behind these amazing adaptations, providing a platform for visitors of all ages to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Packed with STEAM content that is perfect for parents and educators, this exhibit will have you feeling like a real-life superhero as you explore the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the world of animal superpowers at the Topeka Zoo!

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