Wiltshire signs agreement to implement food waste plan starting in 2027 – Gamers DXB

Wiltshire Council will not be able to provide weekly food waste collections by the mandated deadline of 31 March 2026, due to existing contractual obligations with service providers. The council’s current waste and recycling collections are managed by Hills under a contract expiring in July 2026.

During a recent cabinet meeting, it was discussed that the council faces challenges in meeting the deadline, including issues with collection vehicles and associated costs. Cllr Nick Holder, the cabinet member for environment, emphasized the need for clear guidance from Defra on waste services, following the Environment Act changes.

Cllr Holder acknowledged the public’s interest in early food waste collection but cited contractual constraints preventing immediate implementation. The council plans to support and advise residents on managing food waste until the new collection service begins in 2027.

The transitional rollout of food waste collections was initially proposed by Defra in December 2022, as part of efforts to streamline recycling processes. Specific transitional arrangements may be made for individual collection authorities depending on ministerial decisions.

While awaiting implementation of the new service, Wiltshire aims to educate residents on effective food waste management practices. By utilizing this extra time for planning and education, the council hopes to facilitate a smooth transition to the updated waste collection system.

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