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Women’s Day Luncheon in support of Mesothelioma UK hosted by Hugh James

Mesothelioma UK recently hosted its annual Ladies’ Lunch at the Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel in Manchester on International Women’s Day. The event brought together patients, family members, healthcare professionals, support groups, and lawyers specializing in mesothelioma cases.

Among the attendees were Mary Mulhall and Anna Burns from the Asbestos team at the event. Anna, based in the Manchester office, emphasized the importance of the Ladies’ Lunch as a day filled with information and positivity, empowering women involved in mesothelioma research and treatment, as well as patients.

Mesothelioma, a cancer linked to asbestos exposure, affects the lining of internal organs, mainly the lungs. Although treatments like immunotherapy and chemotherapy can be offered, there is currently no cure for this disease, with life expectancy usually limited to 12-18 months.

During the event, former Radio 4 presenter Carolyn Quinn highlighted Mesothelioma UK’s ‘Don’t let the dust settle’ campaign, advocating for a central register of asbestos in public buildings to protect future generations. Dr. Bethany Taylor from the Mesothelioma UK Research Centre stressed the importance of the Patient and Public Involvement panel in improving service provision and care delivery for patients.

The event also paid tribute to Mavis Nye, a mesothelioma warrior who lived with the disease for 14 years, and featured individuals sharing their personal experiences with mesothelioma. The theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’ for International Women’s Day resonated throughout the event, showcasing the sense of belonging and empowerment when women are inspired and included.

The Ladies’ Lunch was a success in raising awareness of mesothelioma and promoting inclusivity and empowerment. The support for Mesothelioma UK and the dedication of everyone involved in organizing the event were acknowledged and appreciated.

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