2.6 million SEK to organizations for sustainable development thanks to reduced use of bags

For the seventh consecutive year, Kappahl Group donates the surplus from its bag sales to organizations working for sustainable development. Additionally, Kappahl’s customers continue to reduce their use of plastic bags – the One Bag Habit initiative continues to lead to changed behavior and reduced bag usage while generating donations for sustainable development. In 2023, a total of 2.6 million kronor was donated.

The One Bag Habit initiative was formed on the initiative of H&M, Lindex, and Kappahl in 2017 to reduce bag consumption and increase awareness of the negative environmental impact of bags.

For Kappahl, the surplus goes in full to organizations working to combat littering in our sales countries. This includes Håll Sverige Rent in Sweden (Keep Sweden Tidy), Handelens Miljøfond in Norway (The Retail Environmental Fund), Håll Skärgården Ren in Finland(Keep the Archipelago Clean) and Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth) in Poland.

– Year after year, we see an increase in the number of customers saying no to bags. One Bag Habit has truly created a new habit that makes a difference for both people and the environment,” says Sandra Roos, Vice President Sustainability at Kappahl.

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