“A vibrant hub for convenience and community in Al Maskaan Retail”

Al Maskaan Retail at Al Maskaan Village offers a prime location for both convenience and opportunity. With over 2000+ sqm spread across 3 floors, this dynamic retail space is designed to enrich daily life and entrepreneurial aspirations.

The ground floor features a variety of essential services such as a Barber Shop, Pharmacy, Clinic, Visa Medical facilities, and an ATM/CDM for hassle-free banking services. These amenities cater to the diverse needs of the community, ensuring easy access to vital services.

Al Maskaan Retail also provides attractive office spaces on the first and second floors, making it a versatile hub for both shopping and business. Whether you’re looking for daily essentials or entrepreneurial opportunities, Al Maskaan Retail is the one-stop destination for convenience and community engagement.

Key features include 2000+ sqm of Retail Area & Offices spread over 3 floors. For workers residing in Al Maskaan Village, the retail spaces offer a streamlined experience with easy access to groceries, phone accessories, money exchange services, and fashionable attire just steps away from their living quarters.

The dynamic community hub also includes cafes and restaurants catering to various tastes, creating a vibrant atmosphere for residents. This setup not only saves time for residents but also enhances their overall quality of life by seamlessly integrating essential services into their daily routine.

Al Maskaan Retail is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a thriving community hub where convenience meets opportunity. Explore the possibilities by renting a retail or office space at Al Maskaan Village and be a part of this unique blend of convenience and community.

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