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Celebration of First Solar Project on O’ahu by UH West Oʻahu and AES Hawaiʻi

The University of Hawaii-West Oahu and AES Hawaii recently marked the launch of the West Oahu solar-plus-storage project in Kapolei, a milestone for the company as it combines solar generation and battery energy storage on the island of Oahu. This partnership between AES Hawaii, UH West Oahu, and Hawaiian Electric Company is expected to significantly reduce Oahu’s reliance on fossil fuels by 750,000 barrels of oil, thereby decreasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions over the project’s lifespan.

Governor Josh Green expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its alignment with the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative established in 2008. The state’s goal is to become petroleum-independent by 2045, and investments in training programs are underway to develop a skilled workforce to support initiatives like this.

The celebration on April 9 included a blessing ceremony at the project site on 66 acres of UH West Oahu’s land near Makakilo, followed by a reception at the Academy for Creative Media Student Production Center. Chancellor Maenette Benham praised the collaboration between UH West Oahu, local businesses, schools, and community organizations, emphasizing the importance of such partnerships.

This project not only contributes to UH’s 2035 net-zero energy goals but also generates revenue to support higher education and promotes a clean energy future for students and the community. For more information on this achievement, visit the UH West Oahu website.

—By Zenaida Serrano Arvman

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