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‘Entrepreneurs planning to expand female urinal concept in Europe’

A team of innovators behind a female urinal designed to reduce waiting times is now looking to expand their product to Germany and the Netherlands. The flatpack PEEQUAL urinals, created by Amber Probyn, 25, and Hazel McShane, 26, are said to be six times quicker to use than traditional toilets.

With £500,000 in investments, the pair is focused on enhancing their product and bringing it to international markets. Investors from Germany and the Netherlands have expressed interest in incorporating the urinals into their festival settings.

Probyn and McShane, graduates of Bristol University, conceived the idea after experiencing long queues at music festivals in the UK. The urinals, designed like a boat to reduce splashing, have garnered attention from festival operators, with plans to introduce them at 20 to 25 events this season.

Recognizing the need for sustainability, PEEQUAL is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. The units are constructed from recycled ocean plastic, and discussions are underway to repurpose collected urine into fertilizer.

Ms. McShane emphasizes the efficiency and convenience of their invention, especially in festival settings where long lines for traditional facilities can be a deterrent. The team is urging a shift in behavior towards more sustainable and efficient restroom solutions.

As the team prepares to expand their reach, they invite followers to connect with them on social media and share their story ideas for future developments.

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