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‘Exceptional mentorship and poetry take center stage at Primavera Poetry Festival in a Historic Neighborhood’

In honor of National Poetry Month and the influence of mentorship, a group of students, faculty, retired faculty, and alumni gathered at Hunt Atrium inside Founders Hall on April 23 for Historic Neighborhood’s first-ever Primavera Poetry Festival and Contest. The event, hosted by Historic Faculty Director Claudine Moreau and Faculty in Residence Kevin Otos, began with a warm introduction from Living Learning Assistant Kendall Somol. Moreau, a lecturer in the Physics Department, presented her debut full-length poetry book titled “Demise of Pangaea,” a collection of science-inspired verses published by Main Street Rag Publications. She then introduced Lane Fields, a 2011 alumnus, whose poetic talent was nurtured during his time at the university by mentors Kevin Boyle and Moreau.

Fields, now an accomplished poet in his own right, captivated the audience with readings from his profound and introspective work, touching on themes of longing, self-discovery, and love. As the judge for the Primavera Poetry Contest, Fields recognized Anabelle Sumera-Decorat for winning first place with her piece “Fanfic,” followed by Grady Cooke in second place for “Cataclysmic Gimmicks,” and Claire Lancaster in third place for “A Broken Curtal Sonnet About Eye Cream.” Honorable mentions were also awarded to Megan Duckworth for “Body Dysmorphia,” and Carissa Pallander for her poems.

The festival also featured guest poet Dr. Patrick Bizzaro, a retired professor from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, who read from his work “Fog at the Manassas Battlefield.” Dr. Bizzaro, Moreau’s original poetry mentor, challenged the audience to consider the ownership of history through his evocative poetry and striking photography.

Overall, the Primavera Poetry Festival showcased the diverse creative spirit present on campus and highlighted the transformative impact of mentorship in cultivating the next generation of writers across various disciplines.

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