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Fully recyclable crisp packaging produced by Evopack

The British Crisp Co. recently unveiled the first fully recyclable paper crisp packet, offering a sustainable solution to the eight billion packets discarded annually in the UK. This innovative packet, developed in collaboration with Evopak, utilizes a groundbreaking polymer called Hydropol, created by Aquapak, instead of traditional plastic.

Hydropol is a versatile polymer that can be recycled, re-pulped, composted, and is compatible with anaerobic digestion. Even if accidentally released into the environment, Hydropol is non-toxic and marine safe, breaking down without leaving harmful microplastics behind. This makes it an eco-friendly choice for packaging, ensuring a safe end-of-life disposal.

The new packets have received certification as recyclable in standard paper recycling mills by OPRL, featuring the green recycle logo and enabling disposal in consumer kerbside collections alongside other paper materials. Aquapak Polymers, known for developing innovative polymer-based material technologies, aims to combine performance with environmental responsibility on a large scale.

CEO of British Snack Company, Tom Lock, highlighted the importance of creating a recyclable crisp packet to address the environmental impact of the billions of non-recyclable packets ending up in landfills or incinerators each year. Mark Lapping, CEO of Aquapak, emphasized the commercial potential of Hydropol technology for brands looking for functional and recyclable alternatives with full fiber recovery in paper recycling processes.

Director of business operations at Evopak, Daniel McAlister, expressed excitement about the unique properties of Hydropol that have the potential to revolutionize packaging across various industries at a comparable cost to existing materials. This development signifies a significant step towards sustainable packaging solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility and circular economy principles.

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