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‘Get Involved in the European Ecovillage Gathering!’

The European Ecovillage Gathering is an annual event that attracts people from around the world to celebrate community living. This festival focuses on various aspects of ecovillage life and offers attendees the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, learn community development tools, network, and explore practices for social, economic, cultural, and ecological regeneration.

The upcoming Gathering encourages participants to embrace the concept of slowing down. In a world driven by capitalism and consumerism, this event provides a sanctuary for reflection, connection, and exploration of sustainable practices. By fostering a sense of community through patience and intentional deceleration, attendees can draw inspiration from ecovillages and conscious communities.

The programme for the European Ecovillage Gathering includes thought-provoking speakers, workshops, collective experiences, music, dance, nature connection activities, and more. This diverse lineup aims to ignite reflection, grounding, and reconnection while offering moments of calm for self-reflection and recharge.

The Gathering is open to everyone, from families and farmers to artists, activists, politicians, scientists, experienced ecovillagers, and newcomers. The event seeks to create a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals can engage in workshops, talks, music, movement, and arts while fostering connections within the community.

Participants are also invited to become a part of the European Ecovillage Network, GEN Europe, which offers access to educational content, connections with ecovillagers, and other benefits. By following a simple three-step process to join GEN Europe and secure Gathering tickets, attendees can immerse themselves in the magic of the European Ecovillage Gathering.

For more information and updates about the event, visit the brand new Gathering website at ecovillagegathering.org and follow the new Instagram profile @ecovillagegathering. Join us in celebrating community, sustainability, and a brighter future together.

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