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Group wide AI digital imaging technology implemented by Vospers

Vospers, a car dealership group with 27 locations across the South West of England, has recently implemented new digital imaging technology to enhance its online customer experience. The group has partnered with Auto Imaging, a part of CitNOW Group, to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) for creating a variety of visual assets including stills, videos, 360 interior, and exterior imagery for their online listings.

This new technology streamlines the process of creating and uploading visual assets to various digital platforms, such as the dealer’s websites and third-party marketplaces like Auto Trader. By automating tasks like background replacement and auto-tagging videos with vehicle specifications, Vospers aims to provide a more consistent and professional visual experience for customers.

Darren Bennett, the group marketing manager at Vospers, mentioned that their sales teams are now equipped to capture high-quality imagery more efficiently, leading to improved branded assets and a better user experience for customers. The quicker availability of these visual assets online is expected to drive more enquiries and ultimately increase used vehicle revenues.

Dealership teams have received training on how to effectively use the new AI systems through virtual training sessions. Chris Gray, managing director at Auto Imaging, highlighted the importance of visual assets in online car listings and noted that many retailers are turning to enhanced photography tools to enhance the success of their listings.

The implementation of this new digital imaging technology is a strategic move by Vospers to stay competitive in the digital landscape and provide a seamless online experience for customers. With the aim of boosting enquiries and revenues in the coming years, Vospers is committed to leveraging technology to enhance customer interactions and drive business growth.

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