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Helpful advice for solo travelers: A tip for safely checking into hotels

Traveling solo can be an exhilarating experience, offering immense freedom and a chance for self-discovery. However, it is crucial to take necessary precautions while traveling alone to prevent any mishaps from occurring. Recently, an influencer named Patrice, who frequently shares solo travel content, posted a video on TikTok with an important tip for guests checking into a hotel room. The video has quickly gained traction with 872.8K views and 950 comments since being posted.

In the video, Patrice advises, “Solo travel tip: if someone at the front desk does this, request a room change. Immediately.” She emphasizes the importance of this tip, especially for solo female travelers, without intending to instill unnecessary fear. Patrice explains that when checking into a hotel, if the front desk attendant announces the room number out loud, guests should request a room change. She highlights that disclosing a room number in a crowded hotel lobby poses a safety risk, as not all individuals in the vicinity may be guests at the hotel.

According to Patrice, hotel staff should discreetly hand the key to the guest and show the room number on the keycard, along with directions to the room. If faced with a situation where the room number is announced aloud, guests can politely request a room change without causing a scene. Patrice concludes by stressing the significance of this small precaution and the importance of prioritizing safety.

The video received positive feedback from viewers, with many expressing gratitude for the valuable tip shared by Patrice. Comments from individuals who have worked at hotel front desks affirmed the importance of not revealing room numbers aloud. Overall, the response to Patrice’s advice has been overwhelmingly supportive and appreciative.

For more solo travel content and tips, you can follow Patrice (@patricejwill) on her TikTok account. Remember, when traveling alone, it’s essential to prioritize safety and take proactive measures to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

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