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Imagining a Bold Future for Experimental Art in Los Angeles

Coaxial Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, is celebrating its ninth anniversary. Founded by Eva Aguila, an artist and community organizer, Coaxial was born out of Aguila’s struggle to find space and resources for her own art upon returning to LA from Oregon in 2013.

Aguila’s journey began with a fundraiser to acquire equipment, leading to collaborations with organizations like KCHUNG radio station for the Hammer Museum’s 2014 Made in LA biennial. These early efforts laid the foundation for Coaxial, which aimed to address the lack of avant-garde art venues in the city.

The foundation, co-founded by Brock Fansler, serves as a hub for experimental artists to showcase their work in an immersive, multi-channel sound environment. Current resident artist Dulce Soledad Ibarra, in their project titled “i wanna sleep forever,” explored the experiences of undocumented individuals in America, highlighting the transformative impact of Coaxial’s residency program.

Aguila emphasizes the importance of artist-run spaces like Coaxial in providing opportunities that are not focused solely on profit. She envisions a future where these organizations can build sustainable partnerships and receive support beyond the struggle for grants.

As Coaxial Arts Foundation continues to evolve, it remains a vital space for artists to push boundaries and engage with new forms of artistic expression. The foundation’s commitment to nurturing experimental art reflects a dedication to fostering a vibrant and diverse creative community in Los Angeles.

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