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It’s time to celebrate and cheers to a healthier lifestyle

In 2023, statistics indicated a significant increase in the consumption of NoLo beverages, reflecting a growing trend towards healthier lifestyle choices. This surge in popularity shows no signs of slowing down, as more and more consumers opt for low or no-alcohol options.

The rise of NoLo drinks aligns with a broader cultural shift towards mindful consumption, with Millennials playing a key role in driving this movement. Not only are younger generations embracing these healthier alternatives, but consumers across different age groups are also joining the trend.

Jo Thomas, Managing Director and Co-Founder of buds & beads, explores the connection between healthy habits and consumption in a recent interview. As the demand for NoLo beverages continues to grow, it’s clear that more individuals are prioritizing their health and wellness when making choices about what to drink.

This shift towards a more health-conscious approach to drinking is not just a passing fad, but a reflection of changing attitudes towards lifestyle and wellness. With the support of companies like VENTURE CROWD #funding futures, the NoLo movement is set to continue gaining momentum in the years to come.

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