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Upcoming X-Men Announcement Previewed by Marvel

Marvel is set to unveil some exciting news at the upcoming SXSW event in 2024. The annual film and television festival in Austin, Texas, will feature a panel with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, and writers Jed MacKay and Gail Simone. This panel will announce the new era of Marvel’s X-Men comics, which are scheduled to launch this summer.

The panel, scheduled for Thursday, March 14 at 2:30 p.m. CT, will provide details about “X-Men: From the Ashes,” including the milestone 700th issue of Uncanny X-Men and the upcoming ongoing X-titles in the post-Krakoan Age of mutantkind.

Marvel teased the announcement with a poster shared on Instagram, hinting at a new beginning for the X-Men. The SXSW website describes the panel as a chance to learn about the changes coming to mutantkind in “X-Men: From the Ashes” and how the X-Men mythos will evolve in this new era.

Marvel Comics has previously released solicitations for the final month of the X-Men’s Krakoa era, hinting at the culmination of the storyline in June’s X-Men #35. This special issue will feature stories by key writers and artists from the Krakoan Age, as well as new stories by legendary creators like Chris Claremont and Gail Simone.

The new age of Marvel’s X-Men comics is expected to launch in July 2024, promising an exciting new chapter for fans of the mutant superhero team. Stay tuned for more updates on this eagerly anticipated relaunch.

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