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‘Key strategies for enhancing the sustainability of your events’

The 2023 Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Auction at World of Concrete broke all previous records, thanks to the support of partners like AOE. Brian Gallagher, Marketing Committee Chair of the National Steering Committee, praised AOE for their essential role in promoting the Auction.

For over 15 years, AOE has been a trusted partner in supporting the National Steering Committee’s public relations, social media, and marketing efforts to raise awareness about the Auction and the CIM program. Gallagher expressed gratitude for AOE’s continued support, emphasizing their importance in the success of the event.

The collaboration between the National Steering Committee and AOE has proven to be fruitful, with the Auction seeing unprecedented success in 2023. The partnership between the two entities has strengthened over the years, with AOE playing a crucial role in helping the Committee achieve its goals.

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