New Brand Identity with Special Design Revealed by Petdirect

Petdirect, a well-known online shopping service, has recently undergone a brand transformation to cater exclusively to pets. Drawing on its extensive experience in online shopping for humans, the company sought to modernize its image and align it with its evolving focus.

The rebranding effort, spearheaded by Special, aimed to shift the brand’s messaging from pressuring pet parents to reassuring them that they are making the best choices for their furry companions. The new logo, designed to convey Petdirect’s understanding of pets, features an arrow symbolizing seamless delivery. A versatile design toolkit was also developed to cater to the brand’s diverse needs, with illustrated ‘guides’ created in collaboration with illustrator Toby Morris to provide shoppers with additional reassurance.

CEO David Anderson expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, highlighting the shared vision between Petdirect and Special as proud Kiwi companies. “The new brand strategy and identity reflect our commitment to leading the way in pet care and guiding pet owners in making the best decisions for their pets,” Anderson explained.

Special’s executive design director, Heath Lowe, echoed Anderson’s sentiments, emphasizing the team’s pride in contributing to Petdirect’s brand evolution. The vibrant and modern design was crafted to reflect the company’s forward-thinking approach and set the stage for future collaborations.

Looking ahead, Special is eager to continue working with Petdirect to leverage the new brand identity for innovative communications and PR initiatives. The partnership holds promise for creating unique and unexpected moments within the pet care category, showcasing Petdirect’s commitment to excellence in pet products and services.

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