New Cover of “My Marmalade” to be Released by Instasamka

Singer Instasamka, also known as Daria Zoteeva, is set to release a cover of Katya Lel’s popular song “My Marmalade” on March 1. The collaboration with renowned producer Maxim Fadeev, who worked on the original hit, is highly anticipated.

The decision to release the cover came after the success of “My Marmalade” on the Tik-Tok social network, leading to negotiations with foreign partners that ultimately fell through due to issues with royalties. However, a talented artist presented a convincing version of the cover and reached an agreement with Fadeev, although the artist’s identity remains undisclosed.

Instasamka’s previous track, “For money, yes”, had already made waves by becoming one of the most popular choices for Russian mobile caller tunes.

Music enthusiasts can look forward to Instasamka’s fresh take on “My Marmalade” as she continues to make her mark in the music industry.

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