New Feature on Android 15 Frees Up Storage Without Deleting Apps

Google is set to introduce a new feature in Android 15 called App Archiving, allowing users to free up space on their devices without uninstalling apps. Instead of removing an app completely and reinstalling it later, users will have the option to archive it, saving time and data.

Initially a feature in the Google Play Store, App Archiving will now be integrated into the operating system with the release of Android 15. Tech enthusiast Mishaal Rahman discovered this feature while testing out the Android 14 QPR2 beta update. He found buttons for “Archive” and “Restore” in the settings app, enabling him to archive large apps like Uber, significantly reducing their storage size.

The new feature will not only allow manual archiving of apps but will also automatically archive apps that are rarely used. Users can toggle on the “manage app if unused” option in an app’s App Info Page, allowing Android to remove permissions, delete temporary files, stop notifications, and archive the app if it goes unused for a period of time.

While the feature is currently accessible in the latest Android 14 beta, Rahman suggests that it won’t be fully optimized until the release of Android 15. This update promises to revolutionize how users manage their app storage, providing a convenient solution for those who frequently face storage constraints on their devices.

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