Scottish lamb exports predominantly go to the EU, with a small amount going to Australia.

Scotland’s red meat exports hit a new high in 2022, reaching £93 million, with the majority going to EU markets. In fact, 98% of Scotch lamb exports are to the EU, highlighting the importance of this market for Scottish farmers.

In contrast, the UK’s first post-EU trade deal with Australia has resulted in zero British beef being exported due to red tape. This raises questions about the impact of Brexit on the UK’s agricultural sector.

Despite Scotland’s significant contribution to UK food and drink exports, accounting for 30% of the total, the country only makes up 8% of the population. This disparity prompts discussions about Scotland’s ability to sustain itself in terms of food production post-independence.

As Scotland continues to navigate the complexities of international trade post-Brexit, the focus remains on strengthening ties with EU markets to ensure the sustainability of the agricultural sector in the country.

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