“Nvidia Purchases Silicon Valley Campus for 4M”

Nvidia, a leading chipmaker with a current valuation of .3 trillion, has made a significant move by acquiring the majority of its Santa Clara headquarters for 4 million. The acquisition, first reported by the San Francisco Standard, includes an eight-building property previously owned by Los Angeles-based Preylock Holdings. Preylock had purchased the campus for 0 million from San Francisco-based DivcoWest in 2017, and recently decided to sell the properties after receiving an unsolicited bid from a foreign buyer earlier this year.

This acquisition positions Nvidia alongside tech giants Apple and Google, as they all own their headquarters instead of leasing them. In addition to the buildings, Nvidia now has approximately two million square feet of future development rights, as reported by the Standard. Since 1998, Nvidia has been the sole tenant of this campus, solidifying its presence in the area.

This strategic move not only secures Nvidia’s long-term commitment to the region but also provides ample opportunities for expansion and growth in the coming years. As the chipmaker continues to innovate and lead in the industry, owning their headquarters gives them added control and flexibility in their operations.

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