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Outward Bound Achieves Historic Rappel of Empire State Building

Outward Bound recently made history with an epic rappelling event at the Empire State Building. The organization, along with its event partners, successfully raised significant funding to support its experiential educational programs worldwide.

The Big Rappel, which took place at the iconic Empire State Building, symbolizes the incredible achievements possible when determined individuals come together. The funds raised from the event will enable Outward Bound to provide life-changing learning opportunities to young people in the USA and around the globe. Participants have already donated over million, and others can contribute to this historic event.

The event was kicked off by Jared Leto, who descended nearly 900 feet from the building’s spire to the 30th floor. Leto expressed his admiration for Outward Bound’s mission of inspiring personal transformation through adventure and challenge.

Outward Bound’s CEO, Ginger Naylor, highlighted the importance of the event in raising funds for the organization’s educational programs. Participants, including alumni, were inspired by the event to push their boundaries and embrace new challenges.

One participant, Jennifer Lopez, shared how Outward Bound had been instrumental in her personal growth, leading her to embrace new challenges like The Big Rappel. Darren Richman, a board member and alumnus, emphasized the significant impact Outward Bound had on his life.

Outward Bound operates nine schools across the United States, with NYC Outward Bound Schools leading the way in providing transformative educational experiences in the city. The CEO of NYC Outward Bound Schools, Vanessa Rodriguez, praised the collaborative efforts that made The Big Rappel a success.

The event showcased Outward Bound’s commitment to challenging individuals to discover their potential through unique experiences. The organization, founded in 1941 by educator Kurt Hahn, continues to empower people of all ages and backgrounds through its programs. NYC Outward Bound Schools, a partner organization, helps students succeed by integrating social, emotional, and academic development.

For more information on Outward Bound and NYC Outward Bound Schools, visit their respective websites.

To learn more about this historic event, visit The Big Rappel website.

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