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Saying Farewell to the Book Fair’s Extensive Program

The Book Fair at San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress in Cuba is in full swing, with various activities and events scheduled throughout the day. The Nicolás Guillén Room is the main hub for the daily agenda, including the Reader Award and the Paper Door Awards ceremony in the evening.

Another highlight is the José Lezama Lima space, where the Literature and Art Criticism and Research Contest award ceremony will take place. Additionally, there are ongoing reading sessions for children focusing on manga and Japanese animation trends, as well as discussions on Japanese culture and anime.

Guest country Brazil is hosting a session on the preservation of black families and skin color this Friday, led by speaker Jéfferson Tenorio. The event will conclude with closing remarks and recognition for participants in the Professional Room of Pavilion G-2.

As the fair draws to a close, there are still surprises in store for visitors. Each year, the fair is dedicated to a different country, and this year’s focus is on Brazil, attracting a large number of visitors. Overall, the festival continues to be a celebration of Cuban literature and a platform for literary exchange and exploration.

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