“Why refurbished phones are gaining popularity in Europe”

A recent study conducted by Vodafone in partnership with Recommerce and KANTAR has revealed that 52% of Europeans are open to purchasing a refurbished smartphone in the future. This marks a notable increase from last year, with 43% of Europeans already having owned a second-hand device compared to 42% previously.

The findings of the study shed light on the growing trend of consumers opting for refurbished smartphones as part of the circular economy movement promoted by device manufacturers. This approach encourages individuals to trade in their old devices for refurbished ones, allowing for the reuse of materials and reducing electronic waste. Retailers often sweeten the deal by offering warranties and other incentives to make buying refurbished devices more appealing.

The survey, which covered 12 major European countries including Ireland and Portugal for the first time, found that consumer sentiment towards refurbished devices varied across regions. In countries like Romania and Spain, over 60% of respondents expressed their intent to purchase a refurbished device, while in more established markets like France, 35% of consumers had previously bought refurbished phones.

Augustin Becquet, CEO of Recommerce, commented on the study results, highlighting the company’s commitment to offering high-quality refurbished devices that make a positive environmental impact. Becquet emphasized the importance of partnerships like the one with Vodafone in promoting a sustainable future driven by technology.

The main drivers for choosing refurbished smartphones were cited as cost savings, with 67% of respondents indicating this as a key factor. Additionally, 39% of consumers chose refurbished devices for their environmental benefits, as using a refurbished phone reduces the need for new resource extraction.

Other reasons for opting for refurbished devices included warranty assurance (27%), the opportunity to purchase a higher-end model (31%), and access to after-sale service (18%).

The study’s results reflect a shifting consumer behavior towards more sustainable tech choices and the increasing popularity of refurbished smartphones in the European market. Have you ever bought a refurbished device? What was your experience like?

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