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Shana Sarett’s ‘Love Me More’ brings listeners into a soulful ambiance

Indie pop artist Shana Sarett has just dropped her latest single, “Love Me More,” a captivating musical journey exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and personal growth. Teaming up with Albert Jairo Gordon, formerly of Brockhampton, this release marks the beginning of a series of tracks that showcase Sarett’s unique musical style.

“Mixed and mastered by Megan Searl, who has worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, ‘Love Me More’ boasts exceptional production quality. Sarett’s diverse musical background, which includes classical opera training and DJing in Los Angeles, adds a rich depth to her sound.

Speaking about the song, Sarett shares, “I wanted to create a song that reflects the complexities of love and the growth that follows. Collaborating with Albert has been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to share ‘Love Me More’ as the first glimpse into our musical partnership.”

“Love Me More” offers an intimate look into Sarett’s journey through a polyamorous relationship, delving into love and self-realization with honest lyrics and emotive melodies. Fusing indie pop with 80s-inspired synths, the track captivates listeners with its rhythm and introspective vibe, while Sarett’s velvety vocals gracefully complement Gordon’s dynamic production.

Albert Jairo Gordon’s distinctive production style, known for his work with acts like DAISY WORLD, further enhances the allure of “Love Me More,” solidifying Shana Sarett’s status as a rising star in the indie pop scene.

You can find Shana Sarett on Instagram at instagram.com/shanasarett. Photo by Brooke Olsen.

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