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Software Company in Scottsdale to Transition into Vegan Fine Dining Establishment

Privv, a capital project management software provider, is venturing into the restaurant industry with its new establishment, Grenouille, located in Old Town Scottsdale. This vegan restaurant offers a unique twist on classic dishes inspired by frogs, known for their adaptability and diversity.

Master Chef and Janitorial Arts Manager Joe Phillips leads a team of culinary geniuses who have created a menu that celebrates the flavors of the lily pad. Grenouille’s charming ambiance, overlooking the tranquil canal, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience, perfect for romantic dinners or special celebrations.

Despite its name, Grenouille assures customers that no frogs will be on the menu as all dishes are vegan. The restaurant’s architect designed a facility without doors, offering a whimsical dining experience from the moment guests jump through the window.

In celebration of its grand opening on April 1, Grenouille will host special events throughout the month, including frog-themed trivia nights and live music nights. Join the festivities and experience a unique vegan dining experience at Grenouille in Old Town Scottsdale.

For more information, visit Grenouille’s website or check out their social media channels for updates.

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