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Bandsintown Partners with Spotify to Enhance Live Event Discoveries

Bandsintown, the leading platform for live event discovery, has announced a new partnership with Spotify to revolutionize concert and festival discovery worldwide. This collaboration aims to empower more artists and enhance fan experiences by integrating Bandsintown event listings directly into the Spotify platform.

The partnership comes at a time when artists and venues are facing increased competition and rising costs, with Bandsintown data showing a significant increase in the number of concerts from 2022 to 2023. As fans continue to seek authentic and community-driven experiences, Bandsintown and Spotify are joining forces to bridge the gap and ensure that every artist receives the recognition they deserve.

Fabrice Sergent, co-founder and managing partner of Bandsintown, stated, “Bandsintown is dedicated to helping artists get discovered and sell out shows. With Spotify on board, we can bring artists and fans closer together in a world where every show and every fan matters.”

The Bandsintown for Artists platform, trusted by over half a million musicians, provides artists with full control over their event listings. By linking their Spotify profiles and sharing their shows on Bandsintown, artists can increase their reach through Spotify’s live event listings available on various key surfaces across the platform. is the world’s largest live music discovery platform, serving 84 million users with 1.5 million shows listed by 600,000 artists from 150+ countries. Through strategic partnerships and powerful direct-to-fan marketing tools, Bandsintown enhances event visibility and strengthens the artist-fan connection.

Jon Ostrow, Associate Director of Growth & Discovery, Live Events at Spotify, emphasized the importance of the partnership with Bandsintown in helping artists connect with and monetize their fanbases. This integration provides artists with more control over their tour schedules on Spotify, ultimately improving the fan experience of discovering and purchasing event tickets.

For further information, visit to learn more about how the partnership between Bandsintown and Spotify is shaping the future of live event discoveries worldwide.

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