This Black-Owned Brand Is Selling $15 ‘Bundt Cake’ Candles That Smell Like the Real Thing

In celebration of “Black History Month,” it is important to highlight the year-round impact of Black-owned brands that create unique and thoughtful products. One such brand is Chatham Natural Skincare, founded by husband and wife duo Joe and Chaundra Turner. Originally created to address their daughter’s eczema, Chatham Natural Skincare has expanded to offer a range of skincare products, charming candles, and gift sets.

One standout product from Chatham Natural Skincare is their Bundt Cake Soy Candle Wax Melt in the scent of Warm Pumpkin. These candles are handcrafted in the USA in Durham, NC, and are perfect for adding a cozy, inviting fragrance to any room in your home. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, these candles evoke the scent of freshly baked goods, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, they make excellent gift ideas for friends and loved ones.

To explore the full range of options and “flavors” available from Chatham Natural Skincare, visit their store on Amazon. Discover the delightful scents and unique products that make this Black-owned brand a standout in the skincare and home fragrance industry.

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