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Title: Partnership with Zoetis Equine Renewed for Seen Through Horses Campaign 2024

Horses for Mental Health (HMH) is excited to announce its continued partnership with Zoetis U.S. Equine Division as the Title Sponsor for the 2024 Seen Through Horses Campaign. This partnership is a significant milestone for HMH, allowing them to increase their impact by providing resources to 80 nonprofit organizations across 36 states participating in the campaign.

Zoetis U.S. Equine Division has been instrumental in driving impact within the equine and mental health sectors, having supported HMH in launching the Seen Through Horses Campaign in 2022 and 2023, raising 0,000 for nonprofit Charity Partners.

Jen Grant, Head of Marketing at Zoetis U.S. Equine Division, emphasized the deep connection between humans and horses, highlighting the unique bond of mutual understanding. Zoetis is dedicated to advancing equine care through innovative products such as Quest® Plus Gel, Dormosedan® Gel, Pro-Stride® APS, and Core EQ Innovator®. By supporting organizations focused on equine-assisted services, Zoetis aims to enhance the therapeutic potential of these extraordinary animals and promote holistic well-being.

The Seen Through Horses Campaign is a peer-to-peer awareness initiative involving individuals, nonprofits, mental health professionals, celebrities, influencers, and businesses to raise awareness and funds for programs integrating horses into mental health and personal growth services. Running throughout May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, the campaign aims to educate individuals on the benefits of including horses in mental health treatment.

“Our goal is for every person to understand that incorporating horses into mental health treatment is a viable and effective option. These 80 organizations are transforming lives and addressing the mental health crisis by providing life-saving services,” said Lynn Thomas, LCSW Co-founder, Horses for Mental Health.

To support nonprofit organizations incorporating horses into mental health and personal growth programs nationwide, visit horsesformentalhealth.org and donate today. The Seen Through Horses Campaign 2024 is presented by Zoetis U.S. Equine Division in partnership with Horses for Mental Health and 15 Premier Partners.

To learn more about The Seen Through Horses Campaign and the impact of horses on mental health, visit horsesformentalhealth.org. For media inquiries, please contact Tyler Brklacich, Executive Producer at Horses for Mental Health via email at tyler@horsesformentalhealth.org.

About Horses for Mental Health & the Seen Through Horses Campaign:
Produced by Horses for Mental Health, Seen Through Horses is a peer-to-peer campaign that aims to increase awareness, public engagement, and raise funds to improve access to programs incorporating horses for mental health and personal growth. The campaign is supported by Zoetis as the Title Sponsor and produced by Horses for Mental Health. Along with the title sponsor and executive producer, premier partners include organizations dedicated to supporting equine and human well-being.

About Zoetis:
Zoetis is a leading animal health company with a mission to nurture our world and humankind by advancing care for animals. With a rich history of innovating animal health solutions, Zoetis continues to support those caring for animals globally. The Zoetis Equine division is committed to providing trustworthy horse care with a comprehensive portfolio of equine products and services. Visit Zoetis.com for more information on Zoetis and ZoetisEquine.com for details on equine care products and services.

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