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‘Unbelievable Festival Experience!’

The 12th Annual North Country Folk Festival proved to be a huge success, attracting crowds from both the campus and the local community. Held at the Greenhouse on April 26, the festival featured a blend of music, local vendors, and engaging attractions that solidified its status as a must-attend event.

Mark Fitzgerald, a production expert with 12 years of experience working on the festival, highlighted the event’s growth and evolution. From its humble beginnings as a tent, the North Country Folk Festival has now become a thriving music festival, drawing in around 500 to 700 people this year. St. Lawrence University’s festival is one of the longest-running folk festivals, bucking the trend of disappearing events at other schools.

The festival aims to unite the SLU community with Canton locals, promoting awareness of local food systems and sustainability. The Greenhouse, consisting of 11 full-time student members, diligently plans and executes every aspect of the event. Starting preparations as early as January, the Greenhouse team secures artists, coordinates vendors, and promotes the festival on campus and in the local area.

Student vendor and performer Nola Muscatello praised the festival for providing a platform to share her art and engage with attendees in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The Boyden Brook Band, a local group blending folk and rock, made their debut at the festival and expressed their appreciation for the enthusiastic audience that made their performance memorable.

Folk Fest succeeded in bringing people together through music, entertainment, and a celebration of local life. Plans for next year’s festival are already underway, promising another exciting event for all to enjoy.

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