Why did Cohen use a shell company to pay Daniels and explain it in simple terms?

Essential Consultants, LLC has been identified as the recipient on the check, with no mention of Michael Cohen or Donald Trump. This transaction appears to be a standard business deal on the surface.

The company was registered in Delaware, a state known for its friendly regulations towards shell companies. Idaho, on the other hand, is even more accommodating in this regard. Shell companies like Essential Consultants, LLC are typically used to protect the owners from legal liabilities in case of business troubles. However, they can also be exploited to shield wrongdoers from facing consequences for their actions.

This highlights the potential misuse of such entities to evade accountability. It is crucial to ensure transparency and oversight in the use of shell companies to prevent unethical practices and illegal activities from going undetected. Companies should be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their legal structures.

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