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‘Why do Award Shows Always Have the Same Hosts?’

The Baeksang Arts Awards 2024 are right around the corner, scheduled to take place on May 7, 2024. This year’s award show will see the return of familiar faces as hosts, with Shin Dong Yup, Suzy, and Park Bo Gum set to once again take the stage. This trio has previously hosted the ceremonies together in the past, with their dynamic and engaging presence garnering positive reactions from audiences.

Notably, the trend of recurring hosting pairs is not limited to the Baeksang Arts Awards, as the Blue Dragon Awards also feature the duo of Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok as hosts. While the chemistry between these hosts undoubtedly contributes to the success of the ceremonies, introducing new hosts could bring a fresh perspective and potentially attract a wider audience.

The role of hosts in setting the tone and atmosphere of these prestigious events cannot be understated. Experienced hosts like Shin Dong Yup showcase the impact that professional hosting can have on the overall success of an award show. Additionally, the presence of skilled entertainers such as Jang Do Yeon, Kim Heechul, and Key could bring a new level of excitement and engagement to these ceremonies.

While familiar hosts bring a sense of tradition and comfort, there is a growing sentiment that introducing new hosts annually could breathe new life into these events. Different hosting styles and personalities could add diversity and fresh energy to award shows, making them more vibrant and engaging for audiences each year.

Ultimately, the decision to stick with established hosts or introduce new faces is a nuanced one, with varying opinions on both sides. Consideration of different perspectives on the impact of hosting changes on the appeal and success of award shows is crucial. Whether to maintain the status quo or embrace change in hosting lineups is a question worth exploring to keep these celebrated events relevant and exciting for years to come.

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