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“Zigong Lanterns Shown at Spring Festival Festivities in Sweden and Norway”

The Chinese Spring Festival is fast approaching, and celebrations were in full swing in Sweden and Norway. In Stockholm, Sweden, a grand Chinese New Year reception took place, attended by over a thousand people, including Swedish government officials, foreign envoys, overseas Chinese, and representatives from Chinese-funded institutions. The event was a sight to behold, with the iconic “Auspicious Dragon” lantern adorning the century-old Stockholm Concert Hall, along with classic Chinese zodiac lanterns creating a festive ambiance.

Simultaneously, in Oslo, Norway, the “Nihao! China” ice sculpture and lantern exhibition opened its doors, showcasing intricate Zigong lanterns provided by Haitian Culture. These lanterns featured marine animals like seahorses, polar bears, and dolphins, alongside popular Harbin ice sculptures. The exhibition coincided with the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Norway, serving as a cultural bridge between the two nations.

The colorful display of lanterns and ice sculptures captivated both locals and tourists, drawing them into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. The event in Norway was especially significant, highlighting the shared history and mutual appreciation between the Norwegian people and the vibrant traditions of China.

Overall, these Spring Festival celebrations in Sweden and Norway were a testament to the cultural exchange and friendship between nations, showcasing the beauty and artistry of Chinese lanterns and ice sculptures. It was a festive and enriching experience for all who attended, fostering a deeper understanding and connection between diverse cultures.

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