Zoya Shahid appointed as Head of User Experience and Integration

Assembly has recently appointed Zoya Shahid as the Head of User Experience and Integration, marking a strategic move by the agency to enhance its services. In her new role, Shahid will lead the creation of user experiences and integrations that are cost-effective, measurable, and tailored to clients’ needs.

With a background in leading user experience, analytics, and insights initiatives at prominent organizations such as WPP, KFC, and Nielsen, Shahid brings over 7 years of experience to the role. She has worked with brands like L’oreal, Unilever, and Google, helping them achieve triple-digit growth through improved tech, AI, and user experience capabilities.

Faisal Dean, CEO of MENA at Assembly, expressed confidence in Shahid’s appointment, stating that it is a significant step towards success and recognition in the UX/UI space in the region. Shahid will lead the UX/UI team in developing design-centric websites, apps, and user experiences driven by design thinking principles to boost brands’ growth.

As Head of User Experience and Integration, Shahid will also oversee the region’s CRM, CRO, and Tech integrations portfolio, ensuring that user interactions are captured, translated into insights, and leveraged through tailored AI and tech solutions for each business. She emphasized the importance of personalized solutions for businesses of all sizes to drive vision and growth in the MENA region.

Shahid also highlighted Assembly’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and tech stacks in the region, emphasizing the agency’s goal to become a leader in user excellence and business growth through data, tech, and AI. This move aligns with the agency’s vision to establish a design thinking excellence center that caters to a range of brands and industries.

Overall, Shahid’s appointment signifies Assembly’s dedication to innovation and effectiveness in user experience and integration, paving the way for exponential business growth in the MENA region.

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